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Post-scholarship activities: The beginning of a simple video and chat application

One of the items included in my list of ‘What’s next’ to be considered for development in future iterations of augmented contextual instruction is to depart from the use of proprietary augmented reality platforms and pursue the development of device and platform agnostic augmented contextual instruction and additional augmented reality experiences for display in web browsers built on on Web sockets Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) and the Web Graphics Library (WebGL). The time for that departure is now. It’s now time for some self-directed post-scholarship activities.

The first step in that departure is to get started with WebRTC by working my way through a codelab tutorial tutorial explains how to build a simple video and text chat application. Although the tutorial does not prescribe specifically how to use WebRTC to develop AR experiences, I’m sure it will provide me with an excellent foundation of the skills and knowledge I’ll need later on. Besides, developing a simple video and text chat application is fun and useful.

Here’s the beginning of my simple video and chat application.

2013-12-04 06.41.46
Calling myself in the same web browser window on my mobile phone. Step 3 of 8 in Codelab’s How to build a simple video and text chat application tutorial.

This step was fun, but the next steps are when it gets really interesting!

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