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The 12 Days of AI: Day 5 – Translating video

For Day 5 of The 12 Days of AI, the 20 minute task is to examine how AI powered tools can be used to translate video – an excellent extension of Day 4 video creation task.

To complete today’s task I need to use HeyGen, a generative AI video platform, to translate a video into a different language.

It’s worth noting that Rask and ElevenLabs are alternate tools that could be use to translate and re-voice generated videos, too.

Because I wasn’t able to export or download the video I created with HourOne for Day 4 of The 12 Days of AI, I recreated a new video in HeyGen from my previous ChatGPT generated voiceover script, which was relatively straightforward.

The goal was to then use HeyGen to translate the video into another language. For reasons unknown, every time I tried to upload and translate a video it resulted in an error – disappointing. Others completing Day 5 didn’t seem to have the same problem.

Reflecting on the Day 5 task

Was the task useful? Sure, it was. Like previous days developing an understanding of the tools and how they might be used is always a good thing, even if the actual translation of the video into another language wasn’t as successful.

How might HeyGen be used in my professional practice? Like other tools, HeyGen might be used as a precursor or kick-starter for other tasks, prior to more detailed production. Perhaps.

What implication are there for language teaching for this type of AI? HeyGen and other machine translation tools could be used as a teaching tool (analysis and critique) and production support tool (the AI tool completes a first-pass which is then further refined by humans for localisation or additional quality assurance.

Will there be a need for translators in the future? Yes, or until machine translation is able to better manage “any message that contains a private joke, an acronym from your place of work, a person’s name/ surname, or an obscure reference will never be translated accurately”, as noted by one learner in the comments of Day 5.

Optional reading

On Day 5 the recommended optional readings worth checking out are AI means a rethink of teaching foreign languages and Machine translation.

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