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The Daily Create (TDC) Archive: TDC 73, 75, 96, 98, 100, 101 and 102

This is my weekly archive of the work I’ve produced for The Daily Create (TDC).

The Daily Create (TDC) 73 – Make a photo that emphasises yellow

I went with the obvious banana.

A photo that emphasises the colour yellow - Nana'

The Daily Create (TDC) 75 –Read a favourite quote, emulating the author’s voice. Tell us why the quote is meaningful

This quote epitomises the energy and vitality of youth.

The Daily Create (TDC) 96 – Make a 5 x 5 video

It was a strange day. One minute I was in domestic mode and the next minute I was out at a lake.


The Daily Create (TDC) 97 – A photo of a bumper sticker

Yeah, I’ve shopped at this online store before.

A photo of a bumper sticker - A serious lack of bumper stickers in my neighbourhood

The Daily Create (TDC) 98 – Record one side of a conversation

A conversation I had with myself as I was leaving my office.

The Daily Create (TDC) 100 – It’s the 100th Daily Create

It’s not my parking spot!

It's the 100th Daily Create - Create a photo representing this number

The Daily Create (TDC) 101 – Take a photo in which the mirror is a major element

Car park corner mirror.

A photo where a mirror is a major element - Car park corner mirror

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