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Practising out in the open can sometimes lead to a happy accident

Practising out in the open can sometimes lead to a happy accident, originally uploaded by Rowan Peter.

遺伝子組み換え食品との付き合いかた-GMOの普及と今後のありかたは? The way of dealing with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) now and in the future. Written by Ichiro Motoki. Photograph of page 81 from 遺伝子組み換え食品との付き合いかた-GMOの普及と今後のありかたは by Rowan Peter. Used with kind permission from Kaoru Kobayashi and Ohmsha Publishing.

“What we plan for the use of something is not necessarily how people will use it and we don’t necessarily dictate how they use it. We open it up and we hope for the best and a lot of the times we are surprised.”

This quote from Jim Groom’s February 2012 talk at Kansas State University reflects my own surprising experiences with sharing my work out in the open. My surprise came about when I was contacted by the co-author of a book seeking permission to use one of my photographs. I had taken the photograph for The Daily Shoot #ds446 – Sense of depth or dimension assignment for the Spring 2011 iteration of DS106. For me, the photograph had a single purpose. An exercise for The Daily Shoot, a record of my attempt at creating a sense of depth and dimension.

What surprised me the most was that someone wanted to use to my photograph at all, let alone for a for a completely different purpose. It’s likely the friendly request to use my photograph by the co-author of the book would not have occurred if I had not been sharing my work out in the open. Sharing this way allowed my photograph to be easily discovered by others and helped to create what Alan Levine calls a potential energy for happy accidents to happen.

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Awesome! That was one of my favorite examples for the converging lines assignment, and I can see why someone found a use for it.

Can I ask a favor that you tell post this story as a video on YouTube, showing the book, etc? I am doing a talk end of the month for Brian Lamb at UBC and this is a perfect recent example of an Amazing Story of Openness.

Hiya Alan!
Yep, I can post a video to YouTube talking about my experience with openness and 遺伝子組み換え食品との付き合いかた-GMOの普及と今後のありかたは? I’ll let you know once I’ve posted my video to YouTube.


HeY mAn!!

Great vidEo!! I love your ediTing!! 😀 I also like the happy acciDents, that is a great examplE!

Hope you are well, look forward to hearing from you

How are Lexy’s 360 kickflips going?


Hiya Matt!
Glad you liked the video. I put it together for Alan Levine’s Amazing Stories of Openness presentation at ETUG Spring Workshop (Nelson, BC • June 2-3, 2011). It is a bit lo-fi, but it was fun to make. It also serves as my own mediation on my own experiences in ‘practising in public’.

Alex is skating well. He is comfortable stepping up and walking unassisted along the skateboard when it’s on a spongey play mat. The spongey play mat doesn’t allow the skateboard to roll, so it’s relatively safe. He’s also comfortable sitting on the skateboard and pushing himself around on the floorboards.


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