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VET Development Centre Specialist Scholarship: Event 2 – Professional development

Group activity
Facilitator Greg Stephens got us all thinking about leading projects and teams in this group activity.

Today I attended the second scheduled event for the VET Development Centre Specialist Scholarship. The event was a professional development session facilitated by Greg Stephens. During  the session, Greg presented his unique perspective on the following themes that mapped to the nine units that make up BSB51407 Diploma of Project Management:

  • The People side of Leading Projects
    • Leading projects in the contemporary workplace
    • Project Leadership – What’s important?
  • Leading through the Project life cycle
    • High performing project teams
    • Leading teams at each stage of the project cycle
  • Leading through Project challenges
    • Addressing resistance; when things go wrong; managing yourself

Greg also initiated lively discussion, activities and presented examples of:

  • model project success factors such as:
    • Pinto and Slevin’s 1998 list of 10 project success factors
    • Turner’s 1999 project drivers diagram
  • differences between project management and project leadership
  • project leader qualities
  • characteristics of effective leaders
  • characteristics of an effective team
  • situational leadership model
  • work preferences – team management systems
  • Belbin’s Team role summary descriptions
  • what drives performance and engagement
  • coaching the GROW model
  • Tuckman’s four-stage (Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing) group development model with Edison’s (Informing, Conforming and Deforming) expansion
  • tips for influencing, persuading and resolving conflict
  • guidelines for leading change
  • managing employee resistance to change
  • responding to indifference or anger
  • a resilience framework (Vision, Determination, Interaction, Relationships, Problem solving, Organisation and Self confidence)

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