ARIG: A prototype camera rig for recording contextual tablet and mobile phone screen activity

ARIG is a camera rig for recording activity on and around the screen of a tablet or mobile phone screen. The concept for ARIG came from my need to record my experiments with marker and location-based augmented reality experiences. In this example, ARIG records a simple 3D cube augment produced with Blender 2.62 and Aurasma Studio.

A simple cube (Blender 2.62 and Aurasma Studio)

Blender 2.62 does a good job of exporting a 3D scene in the Collada (DAE) format for use as an overlay in Aurasma Studio. You just need to make sure you interpret the newest version of the Aurasma 3D Guidelines in a Blender 2.62 context. For a Blender 2.62 user the most important guidelines to follow are: Models need triangulated faces (Edit mode > Ctrl+T) No more than four lamps (lights) although three are recommended Models are to have no more than one map/texture Create a .tar archive to upload…

Dr Softain’s emergency broadcast

Dr Sigmeund Softain is specialist surgeon. He was responsible for pioneering The Softain Biopsy medical procedure. Dr Softain’s research is experimental and ongoing. He Tweets his day-to-day research activities and also discusses his work and recent findings on his blog. One day everything changed. Something went wrong in Dr Softain’s laboratory. An experimental medical procedure went awry. An outbreak. Amidst all the chaos and confusion Dr Softain recorded his final broadcast. An emergency broadcast warning us of an unknown peril. Dr Softain’s emergency broadcast Outside Dr Softain’s laboratory All that was remained was a pool of blood and…