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Talky Tina’s swipe card has arrived

Talky Tina’s swipe card has arrived, a photo by Rowan Peter on Flickr. Just arrived at work to find that HR had delivered Talky Tina’s swipe access by internal mail. That’s great news. That means Talky Tina is now officially employed as the health and safety officer at the DS106 Workplace and has open-access to […]

The other story at Skidmore

Stories can be found in the most unexpected places, even in the chat window of a live video stream. This Storify aggregates my experience of watching Alan Levine’s Making/Telling stories that matter keynote at Skidmore College via the Skidmore College Livestream. [View the story “The other story at Skidmore” on Storify]

Message for Mr Todd Conaway

Just arrived on site to find other DS106 colleagues hard at work. The construction of the new office building is almost complete and only requires a final inspection from Mr Todd Conaway to be signed-off. Hopefully Mr Conaway can make it down to the site sometime this week.

Message for Mariana Funes

I was late for my project meeting with Mariana Funes at the DS106 Open online participant office (OOPO), so I recorded this message to let her know that I’m going to arrive at the office later than I had planned. Sorry Mariana, I’ll speak to you soon.

Going to work with DS106

I just got to work and I realised today is the first week of Storytelling goes to work for the Spring 2014 iteration of DS106. Not wanting to miss out, I called CogDog from my desk to register my interest. Unfortunately, my call went to voicemail. I hope he gets my message!