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Category for blog posts and status updates related to my activity of learning and practising how to skate (again) as an adult, specifically in the context of ongoing self-directed skate sessions at local skateparks, and the exploration of the urban environment in new ways.

Repossessed to skate is about me reconnecting with my love for skateboarding – having fun, being creative, learning new-old tricks that interest me, persevering and practising in public. Thanks for watching.

Skate again after weeks of poor weather and bad scheduling. Awesome.

It’s wet out today. Just enjoying this little bit of concrete. #knoxskatepark

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It’s all happening. Art and skating. Awesome. #knoxskatepark

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Silver snow on concrete #knoxskatepark

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Learning a nose thing – Day 6

Deliberate practise with feedback

You have to have feedback as quickly as possible. 10,000 hours with a teacher, with constant feedback, is critical.

What better feedback than skateboarding? You skate, you make a mistake, you fall, you bleed. Repeat.

If you don’t get better, you break bones and have to stop. If you learn from your mistakes with the help of teachers, you stop bleeding.

Deliberate Practice with Feedback.
Deliberate Practice with Feedback.