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(Unfortunately) I think someone may have heard correctly!

Someone in the Metaio Developer Portal said they’d heard the UI Designer in Creator was made for iPhone4 screens and the created UI design is not responsive to different screen sizes. I think that someone may have heard correctly. Damn!

Placing geometry in the 3D point cloud in Metaio Creator 2.6

Placing geometry in the 3D point cloud in Metaio Creator 2.6 is a little cumbersome, bewildering and often inaccurate. It takes lots of clicking and seemingly random fiddling to place geometry. You also can’t really determine if your geometry is placed correctly within the 3D point cloud until you upload to your channel and then […]

Lost in Metaio Creator’s Z translation

I’m currently wrestling with the correct Z translation of images and buttons in UI Designer of Creator 2.6. I’ve placed some buttons on top of an background image in the UI Designer of Creator and have encountered a problem where the image obscures the buttons and prevents them from working. I’ve checked the Z translation […]

Prototyping augmented contextual instruction with Metaio Creator (Demo mode) and Toolbox

For this prototype, I’m using Metaio Creator image and object recognition features of Toolbox in restrictive Demo Mode to further explore some aspects of my concept of augmented contextual instruction. Unfortunately, in Demo Mode I can’t use the excellent 3D point cloud data  captured in Toolbox to prototype all aspects of my augmented contextual instruction. In Demo […]