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A dispatch from over here

Wow, I’ve just finished watching the mysterious and somewhat disturbing ‘Dispatch from somewhere’ videos recorded by Alan Levine about his apparent abduction. It looks like he’s in a lot of trouble, so I quickly recorded this video in response to his urgent cry for help. Hopefully this video gets to Alan in time.

Alan, if you’re reading this, remember that we are all here to help you!

Good luck!

Rowan Peter

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Thanks for the response Rowan! I agree we need to keep our eyes, ears, hands on the network.

Please stay disguised. I do not trust those guys on the motorcycles. There are spies everywhere. What I know is that the internet we take for granted cannot be take it so- we have to be vigilant and pro-active.

Hope to see you somewhere near the center. But keep that disguise on! At least til I escape and find my way to Melbourne.

[…] as I have yet had any contact with other people in over 48 hours. I want to send a big shout out to Rowan Peter who has taken on the search aid from Melbourne. I was going to say “From the other side of the world” but I do not know where I am […]

Well done Pete. This is a useful start.

Unfortunately, I’m enroute to Davos else I’d solve this problem. The Soros people have shut down all external communication until we fix the OWS / Reuters thing. Within hours, I shall be incommunicado – for the duration.

I’ve just sent a checklist to Prof. Lockman that should help the students begin to get to the bottom of Cogdog’s dilemma. The only problem is that it’s Prof. Lockman. There’s no telling how many ways to Sunday he can bumble this thing. Why can’t Teachers College churn out teachers like John Dewey anymore?

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