Where to from Canada?

Judging by his recent StoryBox Demo at Brock university post Alan Levine (@cogdog) and his Storybox have managed to escape from Philly and make their way safely to Canada. That’s great news for sure, but where to from there?Just where will his mission to find the Centre of the Internet take him to next? I mean, I’ve heard rumours that Alan is planning to visit Australia, but I fear for his safety in transit. The same people or mysterious organisation that abducted him in the first place may still be…

How do you get out of Philly?

So…I’ve been out of town for a few days. I arrived home to find out that Alan Levine (@cogdog) had not only managed to use a mysterious secret hatch to escape from the train where he was being held hostage, but has also somehow ended up at theĀ EDUCAUSE conference in Phil(ly)adelphia. Curious. Now, I’m always happy to try and help out a friend in a jam. Previously, I recorded a dispatch from over here in response to Alan’s dispatch from somewhere. This time, I thought I could help Alan get…

A dispatch from over here

Wow, I’ve just finished watching the mysterious and somewhat disturbing ‘Dispatch from somewhere’ videos recorded by Alan Levine about his apparent abduction. It looks like he’s in a lot of trouble, so I quickly recorded this video in response to his urgent cry for help. Hopefully this video gets to Alan in time. Alan, if you’re reading this, remember that we are all here to help you! Good luck! Rowan Peter