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How do you get out of Philly?

So…I’ve been out of town for a few days. I arrived home to find out that Alan Levine (@cogdog) had not only managed to use a mysterious secret hatch to escape from the train where he was being held hostage, but has also somehow ended up at the EDUCAUSE conference in Phil(ly)adelphia. Curious.

Now, I’m always happy to try and help out a friend in a jam. Previously, I recorded a dispatch from over here in response to Alan’s dispatch from somewhere. This time, I thought I could help Alan get out of Philly. So I quickly recorded this video in response to Alan’s ‘How did I end up in  Philadelphia’ video report.

Alan, if you’re reading this I hope that my suggestions are helpful and that you’re able to make it out of Philly.

Keep us updated with your Journey to the Centre of the Internet.

Rowan Peter

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