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Where to from Canada?

Judging by his recent StoryBox Demo at Brock university post Alan Levine (@cogdog) and his Storybox have managed to escape from Philly and make their way safely to Canada. That’s great news for sure, but where to from there?Just where will his mission to find the Centre of the Internet take him to next? I mean, I’ve heard rumours that Alan is planning to visit Australia, but I fear for his safety in transit. The same people or mysterious organisation that abducted him in the first place may still be trying to prevent him from finding the Centre of the Internet.

I quickly recorded this response just to let Alan know to be alert as he continues his mission to find the Centre of the Internet.

Alan, if you’re reading this, please let me know that you’ve planned a safe and secure transportation for your journey to Australia. You may need to use alternate forms of communication, super-duper encryption or an alternate identity to avoid detection and guarantee your safe passage.

Good luck with the next part of your mission!

Rowan Peter

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Greetings Rowan, and much appreciation for my concern. I am currently back in the USA, under my own control of my own vehicle, though I have heard the TSA has stepped things up to search vehicles in Tennessee.

In Philly I was first led to the location of a special device, disguised as an OLPC XO laptop, and provided clues to get a USB stick which revealed a special message on its screen. This instructed me to seek out Obi Don Potter in New York City, who gave me the key stroke sequence to launch a hologram message from a Star Wars like princess with the call to visit Brock University.

Since then, I have been able to travel normally, almsot as if nothing happened.

But you are right to be wary of my travel to Melbourne, in which I will be much more on the watch, especially of men dressed in white sailor suits. I think we should join forces in Melbourne and seek the Centre there!

Rowan, I think your only option is to keep him safe while he is there, unles you aren;t there. In fact, maybe those people are after you too now? This could be a larger conspiracy against ds106. I’m starting to get freaked out.

Don’t get freaked out! I mean, as much as I’m now concerned about a larger conspiracy we can’t get freaked out. That’s what THEY want the MOST, but the thing we want the least!

In the meantime, all I can do is prepare for Alan’s arrival.

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