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Augmented contextual instruction user experience (Image tracking)

Screen captures from the completed image-tracking augmented contextual instruction user experience.  The augmented contextual instruction is made up of a sequence of junaio channels that can be browsed in the junaio AR browser. For this example, the channels were browsed using junaio on an iPad.

Step 1: Remove bracket from caliper
The first step in disassembling a rear brake caliper is to remove the bracket from the caliper. Use a spanner to loosen the retaining bolts.
Step 2: Inspect and clean retaining bolts
The second step in disassembling a rear brake caliper is to inspect and clean the retaining bolts and remove the rubber seal from the bracket.
Step 3: Remove piston from brake caliper.
Insert the air tool into the fluid inlet port of the caliper.
Step 4: Remove seal from brake caliper
Use a pointed tool to remove the piston seal from the caliper.
Instructional poster
The instructional poster provides the user with an entry point to the object-based or image-based ‘How to disassemble a rear brake caliper’ augmented contextual instruction.

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