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D&D (at work) #6 Continuing the narrative, village council nomination, and an “accounting check”

The lunchtime D&D sessions with work colleagues continues, and it’s still fun.

I was able to make use of one of the bottles I rescued from the wagon, which came about from an establishing an influence system via an email exchange with the DM while we were all out of the office, which then saved an orc – nice. I also shared with the party, how I was offered a spot on the village council, again, as a response to my influence system from the DM, via email. I also rolled a 15 on an “accounting check”, so i should now be able understand the “sea-faring accountant” character in the session – useful!

Next session… we need to head out into the wilderness once again. This time with our new team members from our influence system – cool.

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