EpCoP agents have yet to discover the clue from RPL!

It’s been fours days since Detective Ryan Peterovski’s arch enemy Richard Paddy Lawrence (RPL) left a mysterious clue for the EpCoP Case agents at a location in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. As you can see from the video footage shot by Detective Peterovski earlier this morning, RPL’s clue is yet to be discovered.

EpCop Agents…you know what to do! Check out the Location of a clue from RPL map and go get the clue!

Screen capture of the Location of a clue from RPL map
Screen capture of the Location of a clue from RPL map with detailed Placemark description


  1. Just what IS this clue from RPL?!

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  4. Ahh this RPL fellow is clever – he knows just where to plant evidence – we need to find him quick and get him back to the EpCoP Case headquarters immediately for interrogation – agents don’t be mistaken, don’t be mislead follow the clues and bring back RPL alive or dead?

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