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The EpCoP Case: Week 4 in review

A Storify review of Week 4 of the EpCop Case written by Detective Ryan Peterovski. “ The #EpCoP agents have yet to discover the clue from RPL! DetRyanPeterovs August 22, 2011 “ Uh oh. The location of a clue from RPL has been anonymously trolled on Canvas A subtle, yet sophisticated troll. 🙂 […]

Detective Peterovski departs for Busan, South Korea

So, it’s settled. The recently discovered clue from Richard Paddy Lawrence (RPL) has forced Detective Peterovski to make a choice. If he’s happy to retire after 30 years of service without solving his last case, he can stay at home. If he wants to catch his arch enemy RPL, he must leave his hometown for […]

The clue has been decrypted – A message from RPL to Detective Peterovski

The clue that was stashed around suburban Melbourne by Detective Peterovski’s arch-enemy Richard Paddy Lawrence (RPL)  has finally been decrypted by the team at the EPCop Agency. The team has processed the data and it turns out that it’s a personal message from RPL to Detective Peterovski. A message that tuants Detective Peterovski. A message […]

The clue from RPL has been found!

*NEWS FLASH* After four days of steady-sleuthing and a solid investigation throughout downtown Melbourne, the mysterious clue from (RPL) has been found! Standby for the results from the analysis of the clue and further information about the EpCop Case. A big thank you to Special-agent Adam Lemmo for his hard work!

EpCoP agents have yet to discover the clue from RPL!

It’s been fours days since Detective Ryan Peterovski’s arch enemy Richard Paddy Lawrence (RPL) left a mysterious clue for the EpCoP Case agents at a location in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. As you can see from the video footage shot by Detective Peterovski earlier this morning, RPL’s clue is yet to be discovered. […]