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The clue from RPL has been found!

*NEWS FLASH* After four days of steady-sleuthing and a solid investigation throughout downtown Melbourne, the mysterious clue from (RPL) has been found! Standby for the results from the analysis of the clue and further information about the EpCop Case. A big thank you to Special-agent Adam Lemmo for his hard work!

A breakdown of how the clue was discovered by Special-agent Adam Lemmo
The QR code that informed the location of the clue from RPL. USB stick with data not seen in photograph. Photograph courtesy of Special-agent Adam Lemmo.

One reply on “The clue from RPL has been found!”

One of the most import things I learnt about ‘planting evidence’ for a geocache style game like the EpCop Case is to always plant the evidence you want to be discovered in a public area. Public areas are accessible 24-hours a day. I used the top storey of a shopping centre car park which is private land and isn’t accessible 24 hours a day.

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