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The clue has been decrypted – A message from RPL to Detective Peterovski

The clue that was stashed around suburban Melbourne by Detective Peterovski’s arch-enemy Richard Paddy Lawrence (RPL)  has finally been decrypted by the team at the EPCop Agency. The team has processed the data and it turns out that it’s a personal message from RPL to Detective Peterovski. A message that tuants Detective Peterovski. A message that challenges Detective Peterovski to track down down RPL at all costs. A challenge that may force Detective Peterovski to take the EpCoP Case to the other side of the world. Is Detective Peterovski prepared to take that final step?

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Detective, RPL has been tracking all your movements! He knows what you are doing, how was he able to get into your head? Do you think you have been compromised? He seems to be taunting you, i think his mental state is worsening.

What can he possibly be doing in Korea? I think it’s a trap, he must be waiting for your arrival.

Good luck on your journey, i know it is something you must do!

RPL must be taken down!!

Detective Peterovski

Good morning Boomer!

Hopefully you don’t mind me asking, but is the field of psychoanalysis a specialty of yours? You sure seem to know a lot about the mental wellbeing of myself and RPL. Just how do you know about us? Is there something you’re not telling me?


Detective Ryan Peterovski

Detective … I’m a little taken back by your suspicion. I only wished to provide some outside insight to your quest to track down RPL! I have had some experience with similar underworld characters much like your arch nemesis. I know what they are capable of!! And that they will do anything to put you into a dangerous situation.

Please take my advice, protect yourself and don’t be a hero. I have some contacts in Korea if you run into some trouble. They can acquire you some protection. There are safe places but many more that are not to be trusted, you are delving into more than you may be aware of!

Contact me if you need, but ensure you have a safe connection and you have not been followed!

I can’t tell you much more about myself right now, when the time is right you will hear from me. I may have some information you may be interested in …

Stay alert and stay alive Detective! There are people on your side!

Best of luck

Boomer out …

Detective Peterovski


You sound like the kind of person that isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty, if you know what I mean. You sounds like the kind of person who knows how to use the ‘right tools’ to get the job done! Have you ever considered a career in law enforcement and/or espionage?

If you have, I sure could do with some help on this EpCoP Case. So, feel free to ‘get on the tools’ and join me on this investigation.

Looking forward to working with you on the case!


Detective Ryan Peterovski

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