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I satisfied the criteria for the “Digital Literacy credential” – three down, two to go!

I’m at the tail end of my Masters of Professional Practice (Digital Learning), whereby I now only have to successfully complete 10 credentials. I’ve submitted the first batch of five to be assessed and have recently been advised that “the credential assessors have determined that you have satisfied the criteria for your Digital Literacy credential”, which is awesome. Three credentials down, two to go (in this batch).

Feedback from the Assessors

Assessor 1 feedback

“Congratulations Rowan, your submission meets the requirements for this credential in Digital Learning. As you outline throughout your submission, your role means that you are working in a range of ways to use – and to enhance and promote the use – of digital technologies to optimise organisational and operational outcomes. You illustrate this work with reference to your work in increasing accessibility (example 3), in developing productivity tools (example 2), and in researching learner engagements with MOOCS – and in hence considering how these findings re learner engagement might further refine design practices in the future (examples 1 and 4). You further note that you were project lead for at least some of this work. This work, as well as your focus on ensuring design meets accessibility standards, thus illustrate how you strive to make sure appropriate policies and standards are being adhered to. Well done. Just note that for future credentials, it would be helpful if you wrote more consistently in the first person. This would make it easer to identify exactly where your contributions lie in projects, and to then map these contributions against the requirements of the credential.”

Assessor 2 feedback

“Congratulations Rowan, your submission meets the requirements for this credential for digital literacy – expert. Thank you for your package of evidence, written submissions and video testimony, and thank you for providing some contextual background regarding your role as Senior Advisor Digital Learning designing digital learning experiences. You work within the constraints of ITS-procured technologies for the organisation whilst working to supporting best practices digital learning and teaching practices. Your work on researching leaner motivations best confirmed your ability to analyse and evaluate benefits from the use of digital technologies. This related to the work you were doing in your professional practice – working with Monash’s external partner (FutureLearn). In addition to learner motivations and applying the learning from that to current business models, you were also looking for new opportunities to extend revenue streams such as micro-credentials. Your work initiating and contributing to improving accessibility in example #3 best confirms your ability to use appropriate practices, polices and standard in the use of digital information. Meaningful work in this area is not without its challenges but you are well placed as Digital Learning Advisor/Learning Designer to go beyond the alt-text push to incorporate Auslan, texts, interactive elements and other WACAG 2.1 AA standards into learning and teaching at Monash. Example #2 productivity tools – consisted of 10 double PNG screen-shots which were too small to read in their presentation and which pixelated when magnified. The inability to read the screen-shots rendered this evidence problematic. I’m relieved you got to speak to this evidence in the last video. Great work in a highly prescriptive work environment, Rowan. Well done!”

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