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Know your audience – Anti-graffiti community service announcement

An interesting approach to an anti-graffiti community service announcement by a local City Council. I’m curious if the outside of the bus is the most effective location for this kind of message. Would the outside of the bus be seen by the intended audience of this message. Are the target audience more likely to be inside the bus? Perhaps locating the community service announcement outside the bus ensures the message is exposed to as many people as possible.

I didn’t see inside the bus, but I reckon this kind of message (framed in the format that it’s warning against) could also be placed inside the bus and perhaps be more likely be seen by the intended audience.


    • rowan_peter

      There’s a ‘dob them in’ style initiative for reporting incidents of polluting the environment such as illegal dumping of rubbish, emissions from industry, littering from your vehicle. In Victoria, that’s regulated by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

      There’s also a organisation called Crime Stoppers which allows you to anonymously/confidentially report criminal activity. Crime Stoppers Victoria work closely with state and federal government and police.

      This Report graffiti online campaign has been put together by the Knox City Council and is most likely targeting young suburban males.

  • Vince

    Hey Rowan,
    The back-of-bus anti-graffiti campaign was supported by video messages playing inside the buses, as well as posters in bus shelters. There were two intended audiences: the taggers (and potential taggers), and the broader community, who were being encouraged to report graffiti whenever they saw it.

    • rowan_peter

      Hello Vince,

      Thanks for the comment and extra information about the back-of-bus anti-graffiti campaign!

      I’m interested in knowing if the campaign was a success, meaning there has a measurable decrease in incidents of graffiti and/or an increase of reporting since the campaign.



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