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Mimicry is the best form of flattery – Mondrian Melbourne

For the Mimicry is the best form of flattery assignment, use a vector or raster graphic software to mimic your favorite artist work but use your own design.

Doing my best to bring a Mondrian-esque Composition with Red Blue and Yellow to the iconic Flinders Street Railway Station in the City of Melbourne.

My image was generated with Image Creator from Microsoft Designer (Powered by DALL·E 3), using the prompt “Extreme close-up. Flat cubist style facing Flinders Street Station in Melbourne Australia, only in very thick red, blue, yellow and black colour lines.”

More minimalism, please

These AI-generated images feel too detailed and just quite not minimal enough to be truly Mondrian, for me. Perhaps some super-aggressive cropping could help to bring out the magic of Mondrian minimalism.

6 replies on “Mimicry is the best form of flattery – Mondrian Melbourne”

I rally like the initial images, i think the simplistic and minimalist ones were a little too simple but I really liked the original ones that the image creator came up with.

Wow – Mr X is new to me. Love this from the wikipedia article “Mister X’s influence can be seen and was acknowledged in films like Terry Gilliam’s Brazil,[6] Tim Burton’s Batman,[7] and Alex Proyas’ Dark City.[8]”. I love all of these films!

Damn, Rowan, you are on a major roll. These images of the Melbourne station are amazing, and the colors and possibilities, you make prompting seem cool—as you do with everygthing!

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