Question 1.1: Click & Collect

For Week 1’s 1.1 Good design homework for Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society, I was required to consider the artifacts I use regularly and then briefly explain why I love it.

I know the Coles Click & Collect service isn’t an artifact and it doesn’t really fit within the assignment brief like the Sipper lid, but it evoked a ‘I love this’ reaction from me (as required by the assignment brief) so I thought it would be okay.

I love how the user flow of this experience is incredibly smooth and simple. The busy consumer orders their groceries online and then picks them up from the Click & Collect locker on their way home as they stop to get fuel.

Click & Collect provides consumers with an extremely convenient experience where they only have to stop once. This convenience provides consumers with further evidence to never stray from the Coles Universe of essential products (groceries/food, liquor and fuel) and services (car insurance) by shopping anywhere else.

The location of Click & Collect lockers is another interesting thing about this service. It’s highly likely suburban locations deemed to be potentially lucrative has been determined through the analysis of data (shopping habits, amount spent, groceries bought) freely supplied by consumers through the use of their Coles loyalty card program.

A Click & Collect locker at a Coles Shell service station located in Box Hill, Melbourne, Australia.
The intense red colour of the locker makes it easy be identified.
The location of the locker within the service station allows consumers to easily access their delivered groceries.

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