Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society (DCAS) Week 1 (DCAS)

Question 1.1: Sipper lid

For Week 1’s 1.1 Good design homework for Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society, I was required to consider the artifacts I use regularly and then briefly explain why I love it.

I love the sipper lid on the top of a take away coffee cups as it allows me to safely consume my hot morning coffee without spillage as I traverse the public transport system on my way to work.

The streamlined  design of the spout on the lid helps to direct coffee toward the opening of the sipper lid which permits me to easily control the amount of hot coffee I consume.

A black plastic take away sipper lid from my morning coffee.
A white rubber sipper lid from a disused reusable coffee cup. A functional and environmentally responsible artifact. The spout design on this lid is less shapely than the disposable lid.
The more robust style sipper lid of a reusable mug. The pronounced lip on this lid actually makes drinking from this mug uncomfortable and somewhat clumsy.
A green rubber sipper lid from a reusuable coffee cup.

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