amidoinitrite Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society (DCAS) Week 1 (DCAS)

Question 1.2: Find the gap

The homework for Week 1 of Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society required me to identify things that annoyed me or caused me extra effort, time, money or discomfort throughout my day and then list 10 user experience gaps (solutions to actual or perceived user experience issues that could be used as a course project) that could potentially be diminished or mitigated. One of these user experience gaps is to selected as the basis for my course project.

10 user experience gaps

  1. A wearable appliance that transmits information/permission required to access rooms/buildings and operate an electronic device as well as accurately input data from a touchscreen interface.
  2. A device or service that blocks unwanted noise (headphone leak) in public spaces (public transport)
  3. *A solution that supports and encourages an efficient and affordable contactless ticketing system for public transport. This user experience gap is to be my course project.
  4. A flexible material/fabric or surface that remains polished/glossy after prolonged wear that would be suitable for footwear.
  5. A service that strategically sorts and prioritises emails and tasks based on sender, urgency and project timelines and deliverables (Everything can’t be urgent).
  6. A carry bag/backpack/satchel with self-illuminating interior that makes it easier to identify contents of the bag such as keys, pen or wallet in the dark
  7. A wallet or similar device that remains closed even when it’s holding a large amount of change.
  8. A garment (shirt, pants or both) with provision to hold a small mobile  device that can be easily accessed and operated without causing the wearer discomfort or causing the clothes to fit incorrectly.
  9. A product or service that informs bus drivers they’re required to stop for passengers at a bus stop.
  10. A product that negates or mitigates unusually strong cologne in public spaces
The myki card and reader fitted to the turnstile at a metropolitatn station in Melbourne, Australia. The myki system is supposed to be contactless, but it’s not. Not only does it require prolonged contact which contributes to congestion at the turnstiles, it’s sluggish and turgid. It also took a long time for the system to be implemented at much cost to the taxpayer.
A console of a multi-function device (MFD) used to produce photocopies and scan documents. A stylus (that is prone to going missing) is the only accurate method to input data. In an urgent administrative situation, alternative input methods such as your finger or the end of a ballpoint pen or similar object can be used.
This card reader permits the user to operate the multifunction device (MFD) to photocopy.

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