4 comments on “The end of Detective Peterovski

    1. RIP?
      Maybe, I’m kind of glad the Detective Peterovski character is “dead”. I don’t think I quite managed to get the meta-detective narrative about an investigation into e-portfolios worked out as well or how I had planned. At times the meta-detective narrative seemed to “get in the way” of the requirements of the EpCoP MOOCs weekly levels. The fact that the Detective Peterovski’s EpCoP Case kinda failed is ok for me. It was a learning experience. The EpCoP Case was an experiment in creating a narrative within existing online course/MOOC framework.

      I’m going to write a reflective post(s) about my EpCop (Case) MOOC experience. That will be a fun exercise in itself. Thanks for playing along with the Detective Peterovski character and his EpCoP Case.

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