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The EpCoP Case: Week 6 and Week 7 in review

A Storify review of Week 6 & Week 7 of the EpCop Case written by Detective Ryan Peterovski. “ Just finished taking to Korea’s #1 general surgeon about process of gathering evidence to support diagnosis. Will edit, translate, upload! DetRyanPeterovs September 13, 2011 “ I’ve been reflecting on the evidence I’ve gathered for RPL & […]

The end of Detective Peterovski

Arriving at his hotel room after his field trip in the country, Detective Peterovski discovers that his room has been ransacked by his arch-enemy RPL. That’s not all that’s waiting for the detective. This is the final installment of Detective Peterovski’s video reports for the EpCoP Case investigation. Thanks for watching.

Detective Peterovski talks to Dr Lee about solving problems

Sometimes when you’re trying to solve a problem it can feel like there’s no possible resolution. It may seem obvious, but talking to someone who has experience in solving problems can often help you identify your own resolution. They may not even work in the same profession or industry as you. At first glance it […]