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Vomit Writing Task #1 – ‘Vividness’ & ‘Intention to revisit’

Vomit writing tasks to define and slowly refine my research paper for the last two units (EDX703/704) in my Masters.

Vividness is defined as the quality of being very clear, powerful and detailed in your mind. When applied to digital experiences, through the use of multimedia components such as video, text, voice and animation, for example, vividness is a media capability (Campbell, Fuller & Hess, 2009) that should engage and fully immerse the user in a sensorially rich mediated environment that appeals to multiple senses (Coyle & Thurston, 2001) that are associated with increased feelings of being elsewhere.

While multimedia vividness is associated with increased feelings of telepresence, vividness of course content in a MOOC (which are often sensorially rich mediated environments) is also positively associated with a students’ intention to revisit (Huang, Zhang & Liu, 2017), meaning an individual’s readiness or willingness to make a repeat visit to the same destination (Stylos, Vassiliadis, Bellou & Andronikidis, 2016). As noted by (Huang et al., 2017), teachers’ subject knowledge and interactivity (along with vividness of course content) were all positively associated with students’ intention to revisit.


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