amidoinitrite repossessed to skate skateboarding

Repossessed to skate – Session 1

Repossessed to skate is the name I’ve given my activity of learning and practising how to skate (again), specifically in the context of ongoing sessions at local skateparks. I’m relearning how to skate so I can show my kids how to skate. Repossessed to skate is about┬áhaving fun, learning new-old tricks that interest me and […]

amidoinitrite App Concept

Concept: Air guitar app for mobile devices with an AR extension

What is it? It’s an air guitar app for mobile devices (iPad, iphone, droid phone) with an AR extension. What does it do? The air guitar app allows user to jam to their favourite songs. The app also contains a collaborative feature that allows other instruments to be added to the mix. For example, the […]