Detective Peterovski talks to Dr Lee about solving problems

Sometimes when you’re trying to solve a problem it can feel like there’s no possible resolution. It may seem obvious, but talking to someone who has experience in solving problems can often help you identify your own resolution. They may not even work in the same profession or industry as you. At first glance it may seem they won’t be able to help you solve your problem, but if you get the opportunity to talk to them you may find their approach to solving problems can be applied to your situation.

With this in mind, I took the opportunity to talk to one of South Korea’s finest General surgeons, Dr Lee Yong Tekk. I asked Dr Lee about how he solves problems, the process he follows when diagnosing patients and how he determines what action he should take. My brief conversation with Dr Lee takes place on the esplanade of Gwangan beach in Busan, South Korea. Please note some beachside ambience can be heard in this recording.

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