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D&D (at work) #5 An influence system – response

Still playing D&D with my work colleagues, but diverting to an email-based experience while we make our way through a series of short weeks and non-work days in April. It’s still super-fun.

In response to my previously proposed influence system, the DM replied to me with the following…

Simple task

As Shin and the team continue to explore the north in hope of finding what lies beyond the village to the north they come across what appears to be a recently abandoned wagon that seems to have become stuck in the semi-frozen mud.

If you decide to search for those that abandoned it, make a survival skill check at +10.

There is also the question of the contents of the wagon.

If you previously decided TO search for the original owners, Make an investigation check skill check at + 1 as you hastily check for supplies before beginning your search.

If you previously decided NOT TO search for the original owners, Make an investigation check skill check at + 11 as you take your time searching the wagon.In response, the DM replied...
Complicated task

Eutow is a good honest sort and this has attracted the attention of the newer locals who feel they would do a better job of representing them on the village council. As such Eutow has been asked if they would consider running for the role of the village representative. Whether or not they agree to this idea it has brought them to the attention of a number of powerful individuals within the village (both new and old). Eutow will not only need to make a decision about whether or not to run but also if they should engage with any of these individuals.

As this is a complex task there are no binary choices - what should Eutow do?

Update via email: Monday 2 May, 2022

In response to the dice rolls, the DM writes…

Simple task (Survival + d20) = 20.

Shin makes the valiant call that “profits should never come before people” and after a quick search of the wagon, leads a party in search of the survivors. You come across a small band of Snow elves, overcome by the sudden icy winds, that appeared almost out of nowhere. They thank you for the rescue and offer future guidance, when navigating these roads in exchange for being taken back to your village. On the way back one of the quickly heads over to the cart and after rummaging through it, tuck what appears to be a small figurine into their coat.

Simple task (Investigation + d20) = 14.

As one the part has a cursory glance over the cart a number of bottles containing a greenish liquid catch his eye. Hopping that they are of use, they grab 3.

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Simple task – search abandoned wagon stuck in semi-frozen mud

Used the online D20 to roll…

Survival check +10

  • Rolled D20: Result = 10

Investigation check +1

  • Rolled D20: Result = 13

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