I’m interested in the teaching and learning as well as art applications of this technology. What’s interesting about this as an exercise is the wasted opportunity to celebrate and showcase respondents of their input into the data gathering and research process. Metro and Monash could have actively showcase the exercise by representing the number of passengers/users on the platform in a creative way, personally and publically – on their device and on large screens and through speakers. Doing this may mitigate some of the possible resistance by passengers who only…

EduGrowth pre-accelerator pitch night

It begins… EduGrowth Pitch Night! @edugrowthaus pic.twitter.com/jtajUT4stW — Rowan Peter (@rowan_peter) June 21, 2017 A packed house at @WeWork Pyrmont fore the @edugrowthaus pre accelerator pitch night pic.twitter.com/7w1WPGhJNf — Maria Spies (@marialspies1) June 21, 2017 Let the games begin! @edugrowthaus pre accelerator pitch night begins! @WeWork pic.twitter.com/PVzikPWVsh — Maria Spies (@marialspies1) June 21, 2017 Clever bean kicking off the #EduGrowthAUS pre-accelerator pitch night. #edtech #edtechAUS #starupAUS pic.twitter.com/r85tHYTt6r — EduGrowth (@edugrowthaus) June 21, 2017 Anne Rowe from Sapphire Key Solutions: up to 50% increase in marking efficiency for teachers. #edtech #EduGrowthAUS…

DS106: DS106 Field Report – Skating alongside the Suyeong river

I recorded this DS106 field report while skating alongside the Suyeong river in Busan, South Korea. This is the first ds106 field report where I’ve made use of video. Unlike my previous field reports where sound or what I’m hearing has been the focus. Here the visual or what I’m seeing is the focus of the field report. The start of this field report was recorded just near the location of my Gwangan Bridge and I’PARK field report.