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eT@lking web event: Developing learning resources

eT@lking web event: Developing learning resources

In March 2010, I co-presented ‘Developing learning resources’ as part of Learn Central’s eT@lking web events. eT@lking is one of the many events that are organised by The Australia Series Learn Central group. The Australia Series are Elluminate events held at Australia-friendly times and are largely organised by and for Australian educators/professionals.

The ‘Developing learning resources’ presentation covered:

  • the production cycle of a ‘typical’ online learning resource
  • development tools and techniques
  • roles and responsibilities of project team members
  • examples of our work.

You can download a PDF version of the ‘Developing learning resources’ presentation or you can go to the Learn Central website and view the archived web event.


Designed especially for certificate-level students in vocational education, NurseryLive! was an interactive simulation of a horticultural nursery that requires learners to keep plants free of pests and diseases in order to fill customer orders.

From a technology perspective, NurseryLive! was a product of its time – it was compiled in Adobe Director and published for the web in Shockwave (discontinued).